VoIP Communication

VoIP is a recent technology addition to the world of telecommunications.

VoIP uses voice signals transmitted over the Internet to make telephone calls. Voice over IP is similar to an ordinary telephone but it does not involve the need for a landline or a phone line. VoIP can be delivered using broadband or through the Internet. The voice communication is routed through the Internet so there is no need to change or reconfigure the physical equipment. In this way, businesses have more freedom and can create a virtual branch office environment while saving money.

VoIP allows you to access voice service over the web without the need for additional phone lines.

This innovation significantly lowers communication costs while improving call quality. Today, many business owners report impressive cost savings as much as 70%. Businesses are able to reduce operational expenses by adding VoIP to their existing phone system or by designing a virtual branch office network using hosted pbx systems.

To maximize the benefits of your VoIP phone service, you need to select the best business communication suite.

There are four basic options available in the market today. They include SIP trunks, IASPs (Internet Telephone Service), IPCS (internet protocol television service), and SIP trunking. Each of these offers different features at varying levels of service complexity. Here are some of the features of each of the four options:

SIP trunks offer fast voice signaling and allow you to make local area calls at much lower rates than other options. SIP trunks are typically integrated with your internet connection and allow you to make local calls within a specified area. You can also make local calls to toll-free numbers and use VoIP calling cards. SIP trunks are ideal for small businesses and home offices that are not in need of global capacity.

IASPs or internet access services include hosted PBX phone systems. Hosted PBX solutions are flexible and provide expanded features at lower costs. This option is useful when expanding a business or when new employees are joining your company. Hosted PBX solutions are usually integrated with VoIP providers and allow users to use the services from any location. IASPs do not have the same features as VoIP solutions but they are ideal for small businesses that don’t need advanced features.

IPCS work like a traditional switchboard, enabling you to add voice service to your existing infrastructure. IPCs work like telephone exchanges, allowing you to incorporate voice service in your existing wiring. This option is ideal for small organizations without a significant investment. Hosted pbx phones are also perfect for those who want to minimize their IT expenses.

There are many VoIP service providers who offer hosted VoIP services for small and medium-sized businesses. Some of these providers have tie-ups with other well-known providers, allowing you to get free IP cabling, free voice mail, and other similar services. Popular providers include Vonage, Rockettalk, and Opex. Hosted by also offers many unique features and benefits, including free or low-cost internet and bundled phone set-up options with selected plans.

Some of the benefits of VoIP services include: allowing you to reduce costs by eliminating traditional landline services and eliminating long-distance costs associated with international, long distance calls; enabling you to make calls from your cell phone; and, eliminating long-distance costs associated with text messaging.

  • Text messaging is cheaper through a text message service than it would be through a traditional phone line, and you can send text messages from anywhere with a compatible phone and SIP trunks.
  • In addition, there are many special features that most providers offer, including free video conferencing, text, voice mail, and integrated voicemail.
  • Although this type of service may not be right for every business, it does provide an option for those who need phone services without having to buy extra hardware.

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