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Microsoft Exchange Server is a popular email server and calendar server developed by Microsoft. It runs on Windows Server running mainly on Windows 2021 operating systems. The earliest version was named Exchange Server 4.0, for the position it is the direct replacement of the already existing Microsoft Mail 3.5. As of now Microsoft Exchange Server has three variants, namely, Exchange Server 2021, Microsoft SharePoint Business Center and Microsoft Office Outlook.

Microsoft SharePoint is an enterprise-oriented, collaboration and file-sharing platform. This server role includes features such as permission management, content approval and workflow automation. On the other hand, Microsoft SharePoint Server Role comes with the feature that allows you to manage and host sites that use Microsoft SharePoint. You can install the Microsoft SharePoint software on your machine and then you will be able to manage the websites that are hosted on this server.

Microsoft Exchange Server is used by companies in a number of ways including managing their employee schedules, managing their mailboxes as well as sending emails and attachments. In order to increase high availability and scalability, companies usually utilize their Microsoft Exchange Server for their mail, contacts and message forwarding needs. However, there are certain scenarios when using the Exchange Server may become nonviable. Such issues may include server downtime, application downtime, network downtime and internal threats.

In case your company has its own IT department, hiring IT professionals who are skilled and experienced in Microsoft applications is a great idea. You can get the most skilled IT experts by conducting a comprehensive search on the internet. There are several top-notch IT consulting firms that offer Microsoft Consulting services at affordable rates. However, there are also other options that you can explore. One option that you can choose to increase your chances of getting an IT support solution that is tailored to your specific requirements is to go for a customized Microsoft solutions consulting package.

Customized Microsoft Exchange Server services consist of the installation of specific software that you want to have installed on your server.

In addition, customized solutions also encompass the deployment of various devices such as email appliances, desktop computers and mobile phones. For instance, if you have a large business enterprise that involves multiple branches all over the world and have different data entry requirements from branch offices, then it is advisable to opt for Microsoft electronic client access platform (EQA) which is a web enabled application platform that enables remote clients to log into a centralized access location on your server through the use of password encryption. The QiA can be accessed through PCs, laptops and mobile devices. Microsoft electronic client access is highly scalable and flexible so as to effectively handle the requirements of large business enterprises.

If you want to get an expert to help you with your Microsoft Exchange Server migration, there are numerous Microsoft consultants available in the market today.

In fact, there are plenty of IT support portals that feature data center upgrades, Microsoft Certified professionals (MCPs), Microsoft Certified partners (MCPs) and Microsoft Certified systems experts (MCPs) on their respective websites. It is always wise to conduct a little research and evaluation before zeroing in on a particular company and their consultant. For instance, you can read reviews and testimonials about a particular Microsoft Exchange Server consultant and services from different websites so as to get a feel of how Microsoft consultants can help your organization.

Microsoft Exchange Server consultants can also help you set up and maintain data centers that are compliant with Microsoft’s latest standards and specifications. Microsoft Exchange Server solutions form the heart of an organization’s IT infrastructure, so as to store its users’ emails, contacts, and all types of messages, calendars, and documents. Microsoft Exchange Server solutions are highly scalable and flexible, since it can easily integrate with other Microsoft enterprise software products. Also, Microsoft Exchange Server has the ability to integrate with third party vendor applications such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Business Center, Microsoft Lotus Notes, and Microsoft Dynamics Mobile.

  • Migration consultants can also help you implement various data migration processes such as migration of email addresses or domain names, custom database migration, or the migration of mobile device domains.
  • Integration with Microsoft Sharepoint, web service, and e-mails can add additional complexities in the process.
  • High availability is another major concern for most companies.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server offers high availability through server clusters, site-resourced colocation, and hybrid hosting services.

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