VoIP Business Services

The Pros and Cons of a VoIP

VoIP, which is pronounced ‘Voice over Internet Protocol,’ is rapidly replacing conventional methods of business communications. It’s a program that allows telephone calls to be made on the same network as information and data that are transmitted over the Internet. VoIP is useful in a number of situations, including those involving shipping, education, international relations and health care. VoIP allows participants in long distance or international calls to connect with each other at higher speeds and with greater flexibility than ever before. This ability is enabling businesses to save both time and money, and reducing operating costs.

One of the key advantages of availing the services of a VoIP business phone system

is the cost savings that can be realized. The elimination of direct telecommunications expenses such as long distance fees, maintenance and service charges, as well as exit costs associated with switching telephone numbers can help to improve profit margins. With this in mind, many businesses are now choosing cloud-based VoIP business services over more traditional ones. Cloud-based systems offer several advantages over traditional ones, especially when it comes to the range of features that they provide. These include:

Unlimited Long Distance Phone Services: Most VoIP business services provide unlimited long distance calls for an individual or a group of people. The programs also allow multiple phone numbers for a single entity. With some providers, users can even create virtual numbers within their company to reduce operational costs. The programs can also be set up for automatic redirection of email address(s) to toll free numbers, so long as they have access to a broadband Internet connection. Some also allow unlimited call waiting, conference calling, fax and messaging services, and the ability to route calls between multiple telephone lines. As well, some systems can integrate with applications such as MS Office, so that employees can enter documents directly into their offices’ spreadsheets.

Conference Calling: A great feature of some VoIP business services is conference calling.

This feature allows you to conduct group discussions from anywhere in the world. You can connect the group via VoIP system, so that all members can join the call without having to use a landline or other similar device. By using the proper ports, VoIP systems make calls from PCs, smartphones, handheld devices, Blackberries, and other internet-connected devices.

Automatic Number Identification An advantage of VoIP business services is the automatic number identification feature that they provide. By using a central database, all of the participants are given their own unique phone numbers. Once the call has started, the caller’s name will be displayed, as will the person’s IP address, if they have entered it during the registration process. This feature is particularly useful for businesses whose clientele may change over time. For example, a business whose clients frequently change contact information might want to keep track of who is calling with their new phone number.

Integrated Messaging One of the biggest advantages of VoIP business phone services is their ability to help businesses consolidate their messaging systems. Many businesses today use multiple communication systems, such as email, mobile phones, and even text messaging. If your business needs more than just one messaging option, then this service might be perfect for you.

Analog Voice Data Another benefit of VoIP business phone services is their ability to allow you to make voice calls over digital data as opposed to analog voice data. Digital voice data is considered by many to be more reliable and efficient than analog voice data. The voice quality is also usually better when using digital voice data. However, this benefit is not always an available option for all providers. Make sure that you are absolutely clear on the requirements of your VoIP provider before signing up for their plan.

  • Phone System Implementation: A third advantage of VoIP business services is the integration of VoIP phone systems with other business communication systems.
  • This feature is becoming increasingly popular among businesses that are looking to streamline their call capture systems.
  • Most VoIP providers offer hosted IP telephony solution in addition to their hosted VoIP services.
  • Hosted IP telephony allows you to integrate your VoIP phone system with other network enabled communication systems, such as VoIP pbx, hosted IP telephony solutions, etc.
  • It also gives you a unified communications platform that can be accessed from any Internet connection.

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